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Phileos Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Laconia- 750ml Marasca dark green glass bottle

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This oil is picked, extracted and bottled from olive groves located in Monemvasia, Laconia near the regional capital of Sparta. It carries the Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) of Laconia symbol as designated by the EU which guarantees the superior quality and integrity of our product.

The olives from the famous Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties are extracted as soon as they are picked, cold pressed and contain no additives. Their precious extract is packed under strict conditions that have earned this EVOO awards and certificates of excellent quality.

This medium intensity extra virgin olive oil has a mild, fruity taste, a notable aroma of fresh green herbs and slight peppery finish. 

A brilliant golden, green colour and velvety texture. It's well balanced flavour makes it perfect for everyday use.  To be enjoyed with any recipe. Great for marinades, dressings, dipping, roasted vegetables, drizzling over fresh meats,  seafood and pasta.

Ingredients :

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Well balanced multi-purpose olive oil that should be a staple of every homes pantry
  • Harvested and extracted by our family owned farms
  • All Natural SUPERFOOD
  • Product of cold extraction, Single origin harvest, Carbon Neutral
  • Acidity level 0.22% 
  • Heart Healthy - 6x - 10x the polyphenols (antioxidants), Certified High Phenolic
  • Climate-Controlled Storage, Guaranteed Fresh, Current Year Harvest
  • 2024 Gold Award for Quality - LIOOC World Olive Competition
  • 2023 Great Taste Award Winner
  • 2023 Gold Award for Quality - CIOOC World Olive Oil Competition
  • 2022 Gold Award at Best Olive Oils in Greece for Ultra Premium 
  • 2022 Gold Award at Dubaiooc
  • 2021 Gold Award Winner at Athena IOOC
  • NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition: 2021, 2020 Silver Award Winner, 2017 Gold Award Winner
  • 2019 Silver Standard of Excellence at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards, 2017 Gold Award Winner
  • 2018 Quality Silver Award winner at the London IOOC
  • 2017 Gold Award winner for Health Claim at London IOOC

Phileos Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil  PGI Laconia- 750ml Marasca dark green glass bottle






Grilled / Broiled Fish

Leafy Green / Garden Salads

Roasted / Grilled / Steamed Veg