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The Phileos brand is produced by skilled artisan farmers, their parents and great-grandparents who have been cultivating olive trees and producing olive oil for centuries. This tradition has passed from one generation to the next, allowing for the mastery of this craft which has resulted in nurturing the fertile lands of Laconia through sustainable methods.

Phileos' artisanal farmers begin the harvesting season which lasts for several months in October each year. Every day we are in the orchards starting from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. We proceed to crush our collected fruit at the olive mill around the clock for the next several months. Harvesting olives is physically exhausting, and our growers invest great emotional energy in the process.

Our family owned olive groves can be found in the historic Medieval Byzantine Municipality of Monemvasia, Laconia at the South-East Peloponnese. The oil is stored and processed in our new state of the art facility which is located in Aggelona-Monenvasia. Our olive oil mill produces, packs and sells extra virgin olive oil of fine quality around the world.

Phileos is produced exclusively from the famous Athinolia  (cultivated exclusively in Southern Laconia in the municipality of Monemvasia) and Koroneiki varieties in certified fields that carry the PGI of Laconia, Greece. The olives are extracted by our family of farmers and packed under strict conditions in recyclable, airtight tins and dark tinted glass bottles to ensure its freshness and nutritional value before being shipped. 

The oil we produce comes from the first "cold pressing" of the olives solely by mechanical or other physical means, and is extracted without using heat or chemicals. The oil is not altered in any way. Olive oil that is cold pressed maintains the foremost amount of antioxidants resulting in the greatest health benefits to you.

From branch to bottle, this process is entirely undertaken by Phileos which ensures the freshest and finest olive oil available on the market. The less the oil is handled and the closer it is to its natural state the better the oil. We do not bottle our "liquid gold" until orders are confirmed  - once they are, we then bottle and shipThis is precisely what distinguishes Phileos from most of the olive oils found around the world, and is corroborated by our tremendous results at all of the world's most prestigious olive oil competitions. 

The quality of Phileos is maintained by following rigorous standards and quality control in the production of our premium product. We have received certifications from ISO which is an international NGO that develops and publishes international standards in all technical and non technical fields. This assures agreed upon standards set by experts are followed by its 167 member countries.


Our Mission

To produce a premium olive oil product in a sustainable and socially conscious manner, while supporting the many local olive growers and their families with a fair income for their artisan work.

Phileos is also dedicated to educating the consumer on the numerous health and nutritional benefits that are derived by consuming premium extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as part of one's daily diet.

Who we are?

PassionateThe love and respect to our land, our olive trees, and traditions while going above and beyond what is expected of us. Our Olive Oil is the reflection of that Passion!

Honest - Not just through our words, but knowing our quality through our transparency and actions.

Committed - We are committed to the consumer and ourselves in offering the highest quality, health-focused product as well as maintaining the Phileos integrity.