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Looking for a trusted extra virgin olive oil supplier?

We offer our products at wholesale prices for your business, with low minimum order requirements.

Ideal for: Restaurants | Chefs | Caterers | Grocery Stores | Health Food Stores | Gift Shops | Farmers' Markets | & More

We have the perfect options for restaurants, delicatessens, universities and supermarkets who want to offer their patrons a premium product.

Our high quality Ultra Premium EVOO will provide your business with a clearly discernible advantage over the competition because our olive oil is both tasty and healthy. The majority of "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" used in restaurants today are not authentic and are of poor quality due to the fact they contain high acidity levels and have been blended together with oils from other countries across the Mediterranean. 

Chefs and all culinary specialists will come to appreciate Phileos because our EVOO has a number of food applications such as sauteing, finishing, drizzling it over fresh salads and adding it to the end of cooking for extra flavour. You can also use it as a substitute instead of butter or margarine for a healthier nutrition option.

This is a no-brainer for businesses and their valued customers. 

We would be happy to discuss your specific needs or answer any questions you may have. If you would like more information on any of our olive oil products or are interested in purchasing larger size packaging, please call Jim at +1.647.388.2863.