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This Ultra Premium EVOO carries the Protected Geographical Indication - PGI of Laconia status as designated by the European Union. It recognizes that the product has unique properties, is manufactured within a specific geographic region and guarantees the true origin of the product to our customers. It also protects our product against misuse or imitation of the Laconia name. Thus, the PGI designation earned by Phileos certifies that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is traceable olive.

Products that do not carry the PGI designation and claim to be produced in Laconia, Greece may in fact not be produced there but rather elsewhere. Customers can rest assured that when you buy Phileos you are guaranteed the quality of product and its origin. All of our family owned olive orchards are located within the Municipality of Monemvasia located in Laconia at the tip of the Aegean Sea where it meets the Eastern Mediterranean.

Additional reasons to choose Phileos Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil products that carry the PGI Certification:

1) PGI products represent the excellence of European agricultural food production.

2) Third party organisations such as the EU certify the product indicating high quality standards.

3) It offers consumers the guarantee that  typical, authentic and quality products are being bought, which are part of the food heritage of the European countries.

4) It enhances the work of the producers, thanks to the creation of the additional value that protects those same producers against imitations, forgeries and unfair competition.

5) It encourages the maintenance and development of the territories, local economy and agricultural and food differences.