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Our ancestors have been cultivating trees and producing olive oil since ancient times. The skill and knowledge obtained from these activities have been passed down from generation to generation. This has translated into unsurpassed expertise possessed from our artisan farmers and their families who have been growing and harvesting olive trees for hundreds of years. Moreover, the location of our olive orchards in the southeastern part of Greece where the tip of the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean is ideal for growing olives due to its unique bio-climatic conditions. The culmination of this has enabled us to offer an Ultra Premium Olive Oil product for export to the rest of the world.


Phileos has earned certifications from officially recognised bodies around the world that ensure we conform to strict industry food standards. The certifications verify that we apply these requirements to our production process ensuring the safety, quality and efficiency of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil products. 




Phileos is an Ultra Premium quality product that has received multiple global awards for its medicinal and nutritional attributes as well as for taste from the largest and most prestigious Olive Oil competitions in the world. Our health benefits along with the excellent taste and flavour of our oil cannot be denied.

Phileos' multiple Gold Awards have also been received by the Olympia Awards which are completely different from most olive oil competitions. Other competitions’ judges “perform a sensory evaluation (organoleptic analysis) of the participating samples; they judge the taste, the aromas, the complexity, and other sensory evaluation parameters, in order to give a score” and determine the winners. However, for the Olympia Awards, “the main factor (apart from the basic analysis according to International Olive Council standards) is the level of polyphenols, meaning that they measure the healthy attributes of the samples. It is a totally different approach.

In 2017, Phileos was also awarded as one of the top 5 Olive Oil producers in the world by Spain's World best EVOO contest for healthy EVOO producers. It is a competition for olive oils that is based on their healthy ingredients instead of their flavour and aroma that are the focus of most competitions. The World's Best Competition is invite only and reserved for olive oil companies with a major impact on the market. It distinguishes companies who can manufacture large quantities of oil at consistently superior quality. 

Phileos EVOO was the only international olive oil company to score in the top 10 for all of the three categories judged - Fatty Acid, Oleocanthal Content and Total Polyphenols. A wonderful achievement for our brand and recognition by the world's leading scientists on the healthy attributes of our olive oil.

This establishes and strengthens the belief in both consumers and retailers that we are producers of healthy EVOO. "We are proud that our company is one of the only ones who can produce this quality of healthy EVOO in such a great volumes year after year” in Greece. This is noteworthy, doing “what we do every year, we do not change a single thing. Pursuing quality is something we all need to do systematically, and not once or by chance.”