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Phileos Ultra Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5L tin

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PHILEOS organic EVOO is produced from local, certified organic olive groves of the famous Koroneiki variety. Its zesty aroma and piquant aftertaste showcases the early harvest of unripe, organically grown olive fruit. Fresh and robust. Rich flavour to be enjoyed with any recipe. Great for drizzling, finishing meat dishes, roasted vegetables, salads and dipping.

  • Smooth, characteristic fruity flavour, zesty aroma and piquant aftertaste
  • Well balanced multi-purpose olive oil that should be a staple of every homes pantry
  • Harvested and extracted by our family owned farms
  • All Natural - Natural SUPERFOOD
  • Product of cold extraction, Single Source Origin, Carbon Neutral
  • Heart Healthy - 6x - 10x the polyphenols (antioxidants), Certified High Phenolic
  • Distinctive flavour, fine, sophisticated
  • Certified Organic - Bio Hellas
  • Climate-Controlled Storage, Guaranteed Fresh, Current Year Harvest
  • 2023 Great Taste Award Winner
  • 2018 Quality Silver Award winner at the London IOOC, 2019 Silver Standard of Excellence at the Olympia Health and Nutrition Awards
  • Also available in 5L tin

Phileos Ultra Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5L tin